Post 4: Quarantine Life

COVID-19 and Me

As you all are aware, the major epidemic of COVID-19 has occurred and came to halt just about everything.

Myself, have been in my house for approximately 5 weeks. I cannot risk getting COVID-19, as my risk for severe complications is much higher than the average person. Having a general cold makes me almost unable to walk and also affects my vision and overall it feels like I’m dying, no joke. The average could just get the sniffles and cough but not for me, unfortunately.

Precautions have been taking place in my house. We disinfect everything, shower every day thoroughly, and try not to be super close to each other. We do not wear masks or gloves inside UNLESS if we have visitors.


Social Life

I hate being at home. College was moved completely to remote instruction, for the summer semester also. I never thought I would miss going to class but I really miss it now.

Thank goodness for current technology and Facetime but it is not the same as seeing my friends in person and going out.

Honestly, I am so bored but I am taking this as an opportunity to better myself. I have been focusing way more on school, self-care, going outside more, my health and fitness.

I’ve been contacting my friends every day to check in on them and see how the quarantine life is treating them. Where I live, COVID-19 cases have skyrocketed and I think we are almost at 20,000 cases. Many are not listening to the whole “social distancing” thing and it makes me annoyed. Why do people have to be selfish? They are putting individuals in grave danger and if they would tough it out and stay home, this outbreak will get much better and the cases will reduce faster. The sooner they listen… the sooner we can start easing the restrictions.



I haven’t posted in a while due to all the chaos going on in my life. I apologize. I truly hope this whole pandemic gets better sooner than later.

Stay safe and inside PLEASE!!!

~ Olivia

3 thoughts on “Post 4: Quarantine Life

  1. Hello from Texas. I hope your doing okay, I’m new to you but your so funny. Thanks for marking me smile at this time I my life.


  2. Hope you’re doing good!!! Been watching you on tiktok for a while now, and it’s great to see you spread awareness about FA. Keep up the hard work!!


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